6.0 Ships and Returns

6.1 Processing time

Orders placed via the Internet are processed daily from Monday to Friday. The processing time varies according to the payment method selected (the customer must take into account the time required to complete a bank deposit), the availability of stocks and the existing procedures within Bourgia. Thus the processing time may be only a few minutes to several days.

6.2 Deadline for delivery

It depends on the carrier (courier) chosen by the customer. Bourgia informs the customer that delivery times are based on information provided by the carrier companies and are only at approximation. Bourgia is therefore not responsible for any delay on the part of carriage operators. Delivery times do not include Sundays and holidays and in order for the carrier to abide to them the customer must provide accurate delivery address when placing the order and be available to accept the parcel when it arrives. The corresponding delivery times are referred in the order form when placing the order.

6.3 Delivery time

If Bourgia has a product in stock, delivery time is equal to the period of processing and delivery time. If Bourgia does not have the product, to this period it should be added the time it takes to get the product in the premises of Bourgia. When the time is exceeded, Bourgia automatically informs the customer about the new deadline for delivery of the product based on the information in its possession. Bourgia also gives the customer the option to cancel and / or reimburse the order (if the payment has been made through bank deposit).

7.0 Delivery

7.1 Packaging

The products are packaged for shipment with the utmost care and respect by abiding to all relevant regulations. The procedures and techniques used are evolved in order to improve the method of packaging and above all they aim to customer satisfaction.

7.2 Confirmation

The customer receives an automatic e-mail to confirm shipment of the parcel provided that there is no error in the e-mail address stated in the order form.

7.3 Transfer

Bourgia works with several different carriers (courier). The customer is required to define the carrier of his choice when placing the order. Carrier (courier) companies do not deliver to the same regions / countries; the choice of carrier (courier) company differs depending on where the delivery of the order is to take place. Finally, the choice of carrier (courier) company varies depending on the amount and quantity of the products included in the package.

8.0 Delivery

8.1 Delivery address

The products are delivered to the customer at his address as stated in the order form. If the delivery address differs from billing address, the customer states in the order form both addresses and the parcel is delivered to the delivery address specified.

8.2 Absence of customer on the day of delivery

Where appropriate, the carrier can leave a note to the customer’s mailbox asking him to contact the nearest store to his residence, or the carrier may contact the customer to arrange an appointment. In this case, there is often a corresponding notification announcement in the website of the carrier company. Sometimes the customer is not likely to find the note. In this case, the customer is responsible for identifying the route of the parcel on the internet in order to know the status of the shipment as often as possible.

8.3 Late delivery

It is likely that the parcel does not arrive within the time limits set by the carrier companies. In any case, if the delay is long, the client can contact Bourgia in order to launch an investigation to identify the parcel, since it may have been be lost.

8.4 Loss of parcel

In this case, Bourgia is obliged to respect the deadline set by the carriers in respect of the declaration of loss and compensation. The customer must also respect the following deadlines:

  • Has the available period of 10 working days from the moment he receives the e-mail confirmation of shipment of the parcel to indicate the loss to Bourgia. After this period, no claim will be accepted.
  • If the customer indicates the loss of the parcel within 10 days, Bourgia shall open a file search. In this process, the company is likely to ask the customer a number of documents required for opening the file. The client should send these documents as soon as possible.
  • Finally, the carrier gives the definitive answer on the search of the parcel within three weeks. The answer may be: either that the parcel was found and in this case was shipped back to the customer in accordance with standard procedure or that the parcel was lost by the courier company and in this case Bourgia informs the customer and sends back the product or reimburses the customer (for amount on the invoice) depending on customer choice.

8.5 Delivery of the parcel

The parcels are delivered following the signature of the recipient. Every product delivered must be checked and any reservations must be written down on the delivery document of the carrier company in the event of partial or total damage. If the customer does not complain when receiving the parcel, this means that the parcel was delivered in good condition and no subsequent claim or complaint will be accepted by Bourgia. If the customer wants to complain to the carrier (courier), he should submit a written request to the carrier within 3 days (excluding holidays) from the date of delivery. The request must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Finally, each parcel not requested by the customer and returned back to Bourgia, can be sent back to the customer with his own shipment costs.

8.6 Delivery Error

Upon receipt of the parcel, the customer must notify Bourgia by phone, fax, e-mail or mail of any discrepancy that exists between the product (type, quality and quantity) and information on the invoice. Any claim must be made no later than 10.00 am of the next day after the delivery of the parcel. Any complaint made after this deadline will not be accepted and Bourgia shall have no liability to the customer.

8.7 In the event of a strike and force majeure

Bourgia will make every effort to inform the customer about the status of shipment of the parcel in case of a strike by carrier companies or other events of force majeure.

8.8 Export controls and local laws

The customer should be informed by local authorities in the country of his residence as regards the importation of the products ordered, and to make any statement and / or to make any payment required by the relevant authorities. He should also be informed by local authorities on the feasibility of import or use of the products ordered. Our business enterprise bears no responsibility if the customer does not adhere to the law of the country he wants to import goods to, neither bears any liability for the imposition of additional duties or taxes by the country of residence of the customer.

9.0 Returns of Goods Sold

9.1 Procedure and general terms of repayment

The customer is entitled to return the products sold by Bourgia in their original packaging and in good and marketable condition and to request their change for another product of Bourgia or compensation for their price, other than reimbursement of expenses, within a period of not less than fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery of the parcel or he may terminate the contract within this period, without assuming any obligation, other than a reasonable care for these goods.

9.1.1 Procedure

Upon receipt and acceptance of the parcel by Bourgia, depending on the product, stock and the customer’s wishes, our business enterprise will offer to exchange the product for a product of the same value. Otherwise Bourgia would create a credit balance, which represents the total amount of the order (product plus shipping cost if the order includes only one product or all the goods ordered have been returned). If the customer chooses compensation and after taking into account the above conditions, a refund of the value corresponding to the amount of credit will be made within 30 days of receipt of the product by Bourgia.

9.1.2 Processing of return

The sales enterprise will refund the purchase price of products returned, of course, provided that the goods have not undergone any kind of damage (e.g. scratches, alteration, bending) that reduce their commercial value. In case of such damage, the customer assigns the assessment of the damage and the estimation of its reduced market value to Bourgia, which will reimburse the purchase price minus the decrease in the market value of the product. If the item has suffered significant damage that renders the product with no commercial value, or if its components parts (e.g. changing gems) have been changed or altered, Bourgia is entitled not to refund the price paid, with all of its other rights to compensation being reserved.

NOTE: No return will be accepted if the returned items are not in a marketable condition.

9.2 Refunds for wrong order code

9.2.1 Regulations of return

The customer has a 15 days’ time-period to report to Bourgia that the product received was not correct (wrong compatibility, order code, problem size, color, features, product completely different etc) so that the customer service manager to issue a return number. The returned items must be in excellent condition and inside the original packaging, even if it was opened, and with all the package contents (accessories, straps, user manual, etc.).

For the correct processing of the application, the customer must indicate the order number and personal details.

9.2.2 Processing of return

Upon receipt and acceptance of the package from Bourgia, depending on the type, the available stock and the customer’s wishes, Bourgia will propose to the customer the return anew of the original product that was ordered or the dispatch of a product with similar characteristics. Otherwise, it will create a credit balance, which represents the total amount of the order (product plus shipping cost if the order includes only one product). Bourgia reserves the right to lessen the value of products used, damaged, or those missing components parts. If the customer chooses compensation and by taking into account the above conditions, a refund of the value equal to the amount of credit, will be made within 30 days of receipt of product from the Bourgia.

9.2.3 Return Fees

Once we receive and accept your package, we will issue a credit balance for shipping costs. If you do not know the amount of shipping costs, you must send us proof of dispatch.